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X-ray - NIR Detector Modules Products

Resonance Ltd. offers a number of detection modules with sensitivity from the X-Ray right out to the NIR. Our simple design with standard connections means that we can include almost any detector you might want. Pulse counting PMT’s, UV enhanced silicon diodes or CCD arrays, just let us know what you need and we’ll have a solution for you.
Phase sensitive detection Pulse counting LCD display/interface Lens assembly Adaptor to the flange of your choosing (2 3/4” Conflat® standard) MgF2 optics Variable gain Space qualification Removable fibre optic connector option
Size: 12 cm x 12 cm x 2.5 cm Maximum sampling rate: 100 Hz A to D: 12 bit Power: 9 V batteries or wall plug Computer interface: USB or RS232 Display: 8 character LCD display Display units: mW or mW/cm2 Logging capacity: > 10 hours then uploads to computer Computer interface mode: Displays data from diode and relays it to host PC for real-time data logging in LabView® or similar program Analogue chart recorder: In all modes, unit mirrors data to analogue chart recorder output
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AUX-D-L (20 - 120nm) Gold Diode Windowless 5% peak QE