REX-(4,8) Excimer Lamp Light Sources

Our Xenon filled, RF powered lamp system is a reliable and maintenance free high intensity source of deep VUV emissions from 150 to 195nm. The system mounts to an easily customizable 350 x 400 mm flange for convenient connection to a HV or gas flow system. VUV fluxes greater than 10 milliwatts/cm2 are delivered through the 230mm output aperture for use in applications such as wafer cleaning and LCD panel cleaning. Ozone delivery is a measure of the total VUV flux generated by the Excimer lamps. REX-4 delivers 1 gram of ozone in 400 seconds when pure dry oxygen is flowed through the reflector housing.  In normal operation the reflector is purged with dry nitrogen or argon to allow maximum transmission of VUV to the working surface.
Flux Transmission at 172nm Through Aperture with Quartz Window
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Flux Transmission at 172nm Through Aperture without Quartz Window
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Xenon 414cm2 4 or 8 23mm 23cm 164 - 177nm 172nm 12mW/cm2 38.2 x 29.0 x 25.0cm 15kg
Gas Fill Output Area Number of Lamp Tubes Plasma Diameter Plasma Length Half-power points Peak Wavelength Average VUV intensity Dimensions Mass
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