Electrodeless Continuum Light Sources

Gas Continuum Range Typical Flux Peak(s) (phts/sec/str) Kr 125 - 160nm 3.5 x 1015 116.5, 123.6nm Xe 147 - 190nm 8.5 x 1015  147nm Ar 110 - 140nm 4 x 1015 D2 115 - 400nm 1 x 1015 115 - 165nm
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	Short adaptor for wide angle output 	Lens Assembly 	Modulator 	UV Diodes 	PSD and Pulse counting 	Detector assemblies
Space Qualification Miniature, low power configurations High flux, high power configurations
Typical Lamp Specifications
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The Resonance VUV line sources comes in various body style to add extra flexibility in coupling to your system.
-L Our standard lamp body with a 1”-20 thread for mounting. Also available with an adaptor to mount to any standard CF style flange 2 3/4” or larger.
-LQD12 Re-entrant style lamp with a quick disconnect adaptor. Allows the user to move the source for optimal placement within the chamber. Length of tube can be varied.
-LHP High Power VUV
Spectrometers Detectors Light Sources Systems Remote Sensors Photoionization (PID) Lamps Calibration Cells PID Kits
Plasma Cavity Window Material Drift Calibration Testing Running Life Case Temperature Input Voltage (50 - 60Hz) Input Power Optional Pulsed Operation
Minimum - - - 1500 0 100 - -
Typical 30 x 9 MgF2 0.2 >4000 - - 20 -
Maximum - - 1.0 - 55 250 - 10
Units mm ID NA % per hour hours degrees C Volts Watts kHz
Absolute intensity determined by traceable NBS Standard Test of entire UV spectral region performed
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