Xenon Flash Lamp Light Sources

The Resonance Xenon Flash lamp will produce a minimum of 0.5 watts total optical power from 160 to 4000 NM with a minimum of 0.2 watts from 160 to 400 NM. This lamp provides an easy to use source of irradiance greater than a conventional 50 watt D2 lamp. The adjustable ellipsoidal mirror makes it easy to interface to optics. Standard fiber-optic and vacuum flange interfaces are available.
Replaceable Suprasil Xenon Bulb Lamp optical conversion efficiency as great as 15% Ellisoidal mirror with adjustable focus Operates from a 28 V, 1A power supply Colour temperature > 14000 Kelvin Conflat flanges or UV fibre optic cable adaptors available Purged or vacuum compatible options Intensity monitor option OEM models with input voltages from 10 to 40 volts
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