TR-SES-200 Systems

The Resonance Ltd. Transmission and Reflection Evaluation System is designed to deliver vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) to ultraviolet (UV) radiation to a target sample and measure the reflectance, transmission or fluorescence of the target. The system includes a deuterium lamp emitting from 115 nm to 400 nm, a 327 mm focal length vacuum monochromator with a PC controlled motor drive, a Hamamatsu R8486 photomultiplier tube (PMT) capable of detecting from 115 to 320 nm, LabviewTM software and controlling electronics.
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Deuterium 115 - 400nm 0.1 - 10nm (selectable with slit size) Adjustable from 25 - 400um <2cm 10 x 25mm samples 10 - 30 minutes to 10-5 torr 10-7 torr 0 - 89 degrees about z-axis 5 - 180 degrees about x-axis
Excitation Lamp Excitation Wavelength Range Resolution Slit Width Colimated Beam Size Sample Holder Pump Time Ultimate Vacuum Sample Rotation Detector Rotation
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