VM200 Monochromator and Spectrometer Spectrometers

The next step in Resonances line of high efficiency, single reflection compact vacuum monochromators/spectrometers, the VM200 offers greater resolution and accuracy than the VM92 while still maintaining a cost that puts it among the most competitive in its field. As with our other models, the VM200 can be configured as a monochromator and can also be supplied with a CCD detector and converted into a spectrometer. Manual or motorized wavelength scanning with LabVIEW based control software available with varying degrees of control to accommodate even the tightest budgets.
CCD detector for 10 to 1000 nm Detectors for ranges from soft x-ray to NIR Photon counting accessories Pulse Sensitive Detection (PSD) Winowless light sources for emissions below 100 nm Order sorting filters Sample holder add-on Adjustable slit modules Motorized wavelength drive with PC control Purge adaptor Fiber optic coupling
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200mm 1200 G/mm 20nm - 800nm 3.7 0.2nm with 50μm slits +/- 0.3nm +/- 0.1nm <2 x 10-4 in VUV <1 x 10-5 torr
Focal Length Standard Grating Wavelength Range F No. Wavelength Resolution Wavelength Accuracy Wavelength Reproducibility Stray Light Ultimate Vacuum
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