High Power VUV Light Sources

This RF powered lamp system is a reliable and maintenance-free high intensity source of deep VUV emissions between 116 and 200 nm. This source mounts to a 4.5-inch CF flange for easy connection to a high-vacuum system. The lamp is re-entrant to allow optimum positioning.   VUV fluxes greater than 100 milliwatts/sterad are delivered through the MgF2 window for vacuum applications such as photoionization TOF mass spectroscopy.  Lamp bulbs are interchangeable for easy replacement.  The temperature-controlled high-speed fan eliminates the need for water cooling.  Normally this source will operate with either a Krypton or Xenon Bulb.  These bulbs are interchangeable and other bulbs and or fill pressures are available on a custom basis.
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Krypton or Xenon 116.5, 1236.6, 145 nm 1 x 1017 ph/sec/str 147, 172 nm 2 x 1017 ph/sec/str 4.5” CF flange
Available Bulbs Krypton Peak Wavelengths Krypton VUV intensity Xenon Peak Wavelengths Xenon VUV intensity Vacuum Adapter
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