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VM200 VUV Monchromator and Spectrometer
The Resonance Ltd. vacuum monochromator and  spectrometer uses standard connections to allow  simple integration into most systems. The f/4.2 grating  is a type 4 for minimal aberrations. It is designed to  allow easy interchangeability between being a  monochromator with servo-controlled drive and a  CCD-based spectrometer. It’s supplied with LabView-  based codes and drivers for integration into user  software. 
The VM200 packs  performance in a small  package. The compact 2.5-kg  system can be coupled directly  to a vacuum chamber through  a 2.75” Conflat™ style flange.   Its single-grating design  provides high VUV efficiency  while the 200mm focal length  offers an excellent balance  between size and functionality. The system can be configured  as a manual monochromator, a  motorized monochromator or  as a CCD spectrometer using  interchangeable accessories.
Features High throughput f/4.2 Spectral range from 25-3200 nm with available gratings Single concave grating for high VUV efficiency Easily switched from a monochromator to a CCD- based spectrometer Only 2.5kg mass, 1.7 liter internal volume Manual adjustable slits standard LabView-based software Interchangeable gratings for wavelengths up to 3200 nm Grating Options: Platinum or Gold EUV coating Control/data acquisition electronics, embedded computer and software Customization: Flanges available for 3’rd party CCD
* Wavelength Range Normal range (VUV/UV/VIS with Al/MgF2 VUV to NIR coating Short wavelength with EUV 1200 g/mm grating (RUV Pt coating) Long wavelength with IR 300 g/mm grating (IR gold coating) ** Resolution Measured full width at half maximum of Kr 123.6nm at center of CCD *** Reciprocal linear dispersion at center of CCD at 123.6nm
* AUE Gold EUV 25 - 200nm   MAU Mag FLU UV-VIS 110 - 1100   PTE Platinum EUV 30 - 200nm
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