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VS150CT VUV to NIR Mini Spectrograph
The VS150CT is a Compact Czerny Turner spectrograph with excellent speed, spectral range and spectral resolution with software control of slit size, input f#, order sorting filters, grating angle and dark exposures.  For VUV operation the spectrograph has a UHV window and laminar flow purge system, which allows operation down to the window short wavelength cut-off (112 nm for MgF2).  The spectrograph employs interchangeable gratings and can interface to a UHV chamber or used on a benchtop in any orientation at the end of a 5-meter cable.  Accessories include a built-in spectral calibration lamp, a multi-spectral flat-light source and low-cost accessories such as telescopes, vacuum adapters, flow controllers.
Focal Length (input and output)   152.4 MM Available Gratings 1200 g/mm  (110 to 950 NM), 2880 g/mm (110 to 340 NM) Wavelength Resolution (25 micron slit)   0.25 NM 1200 g/mm   0.9 NM 2880 NM Software selectable slit size 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 microns Software selectable dark shutter to facilitate dark subtraction Software selectable order masks with short wave cutoffs at 160, 300 and 600 NM Software selection of spectral range with multi-step cam Software selection input f # from f/5.2 to f/10.4 for optimizing resolution and controlling exposure Standard Detector  CCD with 2048 pixels with radiation resistant-VUV/UV phosphor Leveling screws allow alignment to beamline or other light source Software includes complete Graphical User Interface for control of 4 servos and acquisition/storage/display of spectra Laptop cables vacuum interface software provided along with spectrograph so system can be operated in VUV right out of the box UHV flange with MgF2 window Laminar flow He purge for VUV operation Volume/mass with UHV flange   <0.3 cubic feet  <7 liters
Mechanical Specifications of Spectrograph and Vacuum interface
The front 2.75-in flange can be attached to UHV chamber.  Spectrograph is isolated with MgF2 window in vacuum adapter.  Purge can be dry N2, Ar, or He. The Spectrometer can be removed from a vacuum chamber without breaking vacuum.  This allows bake out of the UHV chamber above the non-operational limit of the spectrometer.
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