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UV to NIR Mini-Spectrograph
The VS7550 is a miniature Czerny-Turner spectrograph with  excellent speed, spectral range and spectral resolution with  software control of slit size, input f#, order sorting filters, grating  angle and dark exposures. The UV spectrograph has a spectral  range from the air short wavelength cut-off at 185 nm to the  detector IR cut-off at 1100 nm.  The spectrograph is small  enough to fit in your hand and can be fully operational in any  orientation at the end of a 5-meter cable.  Accessories include a  built-in spectral calibration lamp, a multi-spectral field flat light  source, fiber optic adapters and back thinned detectors. 
Spectra with 3600 grooves per mm grating using H2 VUV and Hg lamps
Features High speed Czerny Turner optics up to f/3.5 (at CCD) Resolution better than 0.2 nm achieved with 3600 groove per mm grating User interchangeable gratings from 600 to 4200 grooves per mm UV to LiF cutoff of 104 NM. Computer controlled slit size from 25 to 400 microns Computer controlled input aperture from f/3.5 to f/8.4 Computer controlled order sorting filters Computer controlled grating angle means that full range of grating can be used by creating panoramic spectrum UHV interface with window so spectrograph can be removed from UHV chamber during bake out Stable detector employs phosphor coating to eliminate history effects of back-thinned detectors in UV.   Sensitivity range from 185 to 1000 NM. Simple USB interface for spectral acquisition and spectrograph control with up to 10 meter cable. Extremely compact so remote operation is allowable Accessories include built in calibration lamp, Flat fielding LED NIST traceable calibrations are optional
Software and Drivers A PC software package which controls all the spectrometer functions, displays and stores spectral data is provided. Capabilities include: Changing all CCD parameters (wavelength coefficients, integration time) Slit width control Spectrograph wavelength range control. Spectrograph input aperture (input f#) Spectrograph order sorting filter Pixel or Wavelength Display Software activated darks Data export (XLS User selectable) Store multiple spectra and graph/save multiple spectra
VS7550 UV Mini Spectrograph
Resonance spectral acquisition software showing magnified region at 353.7 nm
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